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    Chronology of The Artic Voyages Of Joseph Bernard and The Teddy Bear

1901 -03     Joseph Bernard  joined his uncle Peter Bernard in Nome Alaska

1903-07      Captain Peter Bernard built the schooner  Augusta C. and with his nephew Joseph as his assistant, began trading between Alaska  and Siberia 

1907-08    Captain Joseph spent the winter selling Eskimo artifacts to museums while his schooner the Teddy Bear was being built

1908-09    The Teddy Bear made the first of its northern voages between Alaska and Siberia while Bernard awaited American citizenship.

1909-14     Captain Bernard aboard the Teddy Bear sailed the Canadian Arctic:

                     1909-10   wintered at Barter Island;

                      1910-11  wintered at Kugaryuak;

                      1911-12  wintered at Baillie Island;

                      1912-13  wintered at Bernard Harbour;

                      1913-14 wintered at Lady Richardson Bay;

 1914-16     Captain Bernard was in Canada and the United States  visiting family and selling his collection of artifacts.

1916 -20     The Teddy Bear made its second eastward journey;

                      1916-17 wintered at Kugaryuak;

                       1917-19 held ice fast at Taylor Island;

                       1919-20 wintered at Kugaryuak;

1920-21      Captian Bernard wintered in Ottawa Canada;

1921-23      Captain Bernard and the Teddy bear made another voyage to Siberia and were reported lost by the press.

1925-26     Captian Bernard took Knud Rasmussen,leader of the fifth Thule Expidition to Siberia.

1927          Captian Bernard setteled in Cordova Alaska and turned to boat building, fishing and writing  his manuscript.

1972           Captian Joseph Bernard died in the Pioneer Home in  Sitka Alaska at the age of 93





                                                                     Captain Peter Bernard














Schooner Teddy Bear 1922















                                               The Schooner Teddy Bear